Registrar: FAQs

  • How can I find my midterm and final exam schedule?
  • The midterm and final exam schedules are located on the intranet and are updated as exams draw near.
  • When is registration?
  • Registration information is posted here as it becomes available.
  • Can I add or drop courses after the deadline?
  • Yes, under certain circumstances you may add or drop courses after the deadline. Please either:
    1. Fill out an “Add/Drop Card” and return it to the Registrar’s Office. Add/Drop Cards are available at the Registrar’s Office.
    2. Email your professor to request their permission to add/drop their course. If the professor grants permission to add/drop, please forward their email granting permission to the Registrar’s Office at

  • Why do I have a "W" for a course I didn't take?
  • If you use SISWEB to view your grades, you may see “W0” codes listed next to courses you dropped.  SISWEB is intended to be a full audit of your enrollment, and for your personal viewing only, it includes more information than what is included on your official transcript.  If you enrolled in a course, but later dropped the course, SISWEB will display a “W” code instead of a grade.  It’s typically a “W” and a number, such as “W03” or “W09”, and it is displayed in the same location where a grade would be displayed.    This is only displayed on SISWEB and is for your viewing only.  Had you been dropped in error, this would be your way of knowing.  Courses with “W” codes will not be displayed on your official transcript.  Only courses you completed and received a grade for will be included on your official transcript. 
  • How many units do I need to have full time status?
  • To be considered a full-time student, you must be enrolled in at least 10 units. Please see the Registration page for information on full-time status.
  • Can I enroll for units in a future term (or past term) for work I’m completing now?
  • No.  Students cannot defer units to another term or academic period. All work must be enrolled and appear on the student’s transcript for the academic period in which the student engaged in the activity.
  • Can I waive the units or “volunteer” for a co-curricular activity if I do not have enough units available?
  • No, students cannot volunteer or waive credit when participating in a credit-bearing co-curricular activity. Students are required to enroll for credit in all credit-bearing activities.
  • Can I participate in more than 20 units of non-classroom-based/non-law courses?
  • Yes, students may complete more than 20 units of non-classroom-based/non-law courses as long as the student also takes at least 68 classroom-based law units. This means students who engage in and complete more than 20 units of co-curricular activities will graduate with an excess number of units (beyond the 88 units required).
  • How do I satisfy the writing requirement?
  • To fulfill the writing requirement (Law School Regulation 1.4C), you must write an individually authored work of rigorous intellectual effort of at least 20 typewritten, double-spaced pages, excluding footnotes. At least one draft of the paper is required to be exchanged between student and professor and feedback should be incorporated before the final submission of the paper. Once completed, please fill out the Writing Requirement Certificate of Completion  and return it to the Registrar’s Office. You may also email your professor to request their approval and forward their approval to our office at
  • What are the attendance policies and expectations when a student is absent from class?
  • Regulation 1.5 indicates that students are expected to attend class. If attendance will be factored into the final grade for a course, the professor will indicate the attendance policy in the course syllabus. Whether a professor factors attendance in to the grade or not, after notice to the student, a professor can drop a student from the class or bar a student from sitting for an exam if the student’s attendance has been irregular as determined by the professor.

    If a student has an unforeseen circumstance which prevents the student from attending class, the student should notify the professor directly. The professor may notify the Registrar if they would like the student to provide supporting documentation as “proof” of an unforeseen circumstance, before excusing a student from class. For extended absences or emergencies, the student should contact the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

    Absences which are avoidable and/or related to a scheduling conflict would generally not be considered “excused” absences, however the student should work with the professor directly.

    During the first week of classes there are additional attendance policies related to over-enrolled courses. Please review the information on the Registration page for additional attendance policies for over-enrolled courses.

  • How do I withdraw from King Hall?
  • All students considering withdrawing from King Hall should meet with Dean Scivoletto as their first step. Students should review Article V of the Law School Regulations. Additionally, students who use Financial Aid and loans should speak to the Financial Aid Office prior to making the decision to withdraw. Please contact the Law School Registrar’s Office to complete a Withdrawal petition.
  • Can I take a semester off and how many semesters can I take off?
  • Students who wish to take a semester off should meet with Dean Scivoletto as their first step. Students should review Article V of the Law School Regulations. Additionally, students who use financial aid and loans should speak to the Financial Aid Office prior to making the decision to take a semester off. To initiate a leave of absence process, please contact the Registrar’s Office to complete a Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) form. Students may PELP for two semesters.
  • I need an enrollment verification letter. How do I obtain one?
  • Please send us an email at requesting an enrollment verification letter. If additional information is required in your letter  (I.e. class rank, academic standing, number of units completed, etc.) please include that in your request.
  • How do I set-up disability-related classroom and/or exam accommodations?
  • The Student Disability Center (SDC) coordinates disability accommodations for all UC Davis students, including law students. Students seeking accommodations must register with, and provide appropriate documentation to, the Student Disability Center, which will then provide recommendations to the Registrar’s Office for each approved student. We encourage students to contact the SDC as early as possible. You can submit documentation or contact the SDC at You can also visit their website to learn more.
  • How do I order an official copy of my transcript?
  • Transcripts are managed by the UC Davis Main Campus Registrar’s Office. Please review these instructions. You may contact the main campus Registrar’s Office at
  • How do I change my residency status?
  • All residency questions are handled by the UC Davis Main Campus Residency Office. Please reach out to the UC Davis Residency Deputy at For more information, please visit the UC Davis Main Campus Residency Page.