Centers and Clinics


UC Davis School of Law is committed to leading-edge scholarship, public service, and the highest standards of legal education. The King Hall academic centers further this mission by showcasing outstanding faculty research and enhancing opportunities available to students for hands-on experience addressing the most pressing issues of our time.   The centers bring to King Hall numerous speakers, conferences, symposia, and other events, while serving to facilitate student involvement in a wide range of initiatives, externships, competitions, and other unique opportunities. Your gift to the centers supports these vital activities.


At UC Davis School of Law, clinical programs are essential to our distinctive mission as one of the nation’s leading public law schools. They are vital to the School of Law’s ability to train socially conscious lawyers dedicated to the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence while serving the greater good.

Your gift to the King Hall clinical programs provides students with opportunities for specialized work in civil rights, family law and domestic violence, prisoners’ rights, and immigration law, and supports King Hall faculty, students, and staff as they provide legal assistance for underserved communities. You may choose to support the clinical programs as a whole, or give to one specific clinic.