Joint Degree Program

Students who wish to examine the law in an interdisciplinary context may arrange to earn a joint degree with UC Davis Law School and a master's degree in another school or department on the Davis campus. Students may design an individually-tailored joint degree program drawing from multiple disciplines available on the Davis campus. To be eligible for the joint degree program, students must successfully complete the first-year UC Davis law school curriculum and have earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher before beginning course work in another discipline. The first year of study must be done entirely at the law school. During the second through fourth year, students complete their study concurrently.

Students wishing to pursue a joint degree program must apply to each program separately and follow application procedures for each respective program. Students can apply to each program concurrently or apply to the law school and later apply to the second program. Each academic program reviews applications and renders admissions decisions completely independently of other academic programs at the university.

To obtain initial approval, students must submit a written statement of objective and proposed curriculum to the Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, outlining the entire course of study, both in law school and the masters program, over the remaining years. Students enrolled in the joint degree program must submit a Joint Degree Program Authorization Form each semester.

Upon conferral of your graduate degree and receipt of official certification of graduation to the Law School Registrar, a maximum of 10 units may be transferred from the other discipline to the law school.

For more information about admissions requirements for the other programs available at UC Davis, please contact the following departments: