There are a variety of housing options available to UC Davis students. Vacancy rates, however, can be low and priority is given to current leaseholders. We strongly encourage you to begin searching, and adding your name to waiting lists for housing beginning in January of the year if you intend to enroll–before learning of your admission status. The earlier you can get started, the more choices you will have.

On-Campus Housing

Law students may apply for campus housing at Solano Park apartments. Applicants are placed on waiting lists for the month they indicate they wish to move in and are prioritized as follows: 1) students with children, 2) married students/domestic partners, 3) graduate students, and 4) undergraduates. For more information, visit housing.ucdavis.edu, e-mail studenthousing@ucdavis.edu, or call Residential Services at (530) 752-2033.

Privately-owned and managed on-campus apartments include:

  • 8th & Wake (Graduate students only housing) (530) 298-777
  • The Atriums at La Rue/Russell Park (530) 753-7322
  • The Colleges at LaRue (530) 754-5797
  • Primero Grove (530) 754-8455
  • West Village: Viridian/The Ramble/Solstice (530) 759-0661

Off-Campus Housing

The Student Housing Office provides a list of community housing resources for professional school and graduate students. Call (530) 752-2033 or e-mail studenthousing@ucdavis.edu. Here are three resources to help you get started on your off-campus housing search:

  • The ASUCD Community Housing Listing Service, (530) 752-1990 chl.ucdavis.edu
  • Classifieds in the community newspaper, The Davis Enterprise, davisenterprise.com
  • Classifieds in the campus newspaper, The California Aggie, theaggie.org