Satisfactory Academic Progress

The UC Davis School of Law Financial Aid Office is required by law to ensure that students receiving financial aid are making satisfactory academic progress. Federal regulations (CFR 668--Student Assistance General Provisions), Sections 668.32(f), 668.16(e), and 668.34, state that a student is eligible to receive title IV, HEA program assistance if the student maintains satisfactory progress in his or her course of study according to the institution's published standards of satisfactory progress.


To be eligible for financial aid, students must be making satisfactory progress toward earning the Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree. There are both qualitative (grade-based) and quantitative (credit based) standards that must be met. According to SOL bylaws, students are expected to adhere to a schedule that will result in graduation six (6) semesters after matriculation.

Standards Minimum Requirements

Qualitative Standard

Maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) at the end of the second, fourth, sixth or final semester at 2.0 or above

Quantitative Standard

To remain on pace to complete the J.D. degree within the 6 semesters students must take on average 14-17 credits per semester (varies per class level) and must complete a minimum 10 credits per semester

A total of 88 credits are needed to complete the J.D. program.

Maximum Time Frame

Terms attempted may not exceed 150% of the published length of the program (9 Semesters)

Cancellations, Withdrawals and Planned Educational Leave (PELP)

Law students who wish to withdraw from school or apply for Planned Educational Leave must obtain official approval from the Dean. When the Law Financial Aid Office receives official notice of your withdrawal, we will recalculate your financial aid eligibility based on the date of withdrawal. The Law Financial Aid Office will determine the amount of aid you are entitled to keep (if any) and the amount of funds that must be returned to the University, the State, and Title IV programs

For students who paid fees and cancel, withdraw, or PELP with official approval from the Dean before the end of any semester, fees are refunded according to the Return of Title IV Funds and Refund Policies.

Return of Title IV Funds and Refund Policies

The Financial Aid Office is required by regulation to calculate a Refund of Fees and a Return to Title IV Funds amount for all students who withdraw, are dismissed, or who take a Planned Educational Leave (PELP) during a quarter/semester. The policy applies to students who discontinue enrollment in all classes, on or after the first day of the term.

The Return to Title IV Funds is the amount of unearned aid you received at the beginning of the term that must be returned to the federal aid programs. Any aid received in excess of the earned amount is considered unearned. The earned portion is calculated on a daily basis using calendar days from the first day of instruction. Read the UC Davis School of Law Regulations for information about officially withdrawing.