Tax Information and Financial Aid

The 1098-T includes expenses paid to UC in qualified expenses such as required tuition and fees, and also how much gift aid students received in the past year. View and download your 1098-T form and find more detailed information at (UC Davis Site ID 11556), or call the 1098-T Support Center at (888) 220-2540 for live assistance with logging-in and general information about 1098-T

For information about applying for educational tax credits and links to tax forms (including the 1098-T), visit UC Davis Student Accounting .

For more detailed information about tax reporting and benefits related to Financial Aid, you may also find the following links useful:

FAFSA provides the IRS Data Retrieval Tool that allows parents and students to directly access tax information from a secure IRS website. Look for this feature when completing your FAFSA online. It can save time and simplify providing income information. For more information, please see our video tutorial available using Flash, Windows Media,or Quicktime.


IRS Tax Benefits for Education and Reporting Information

IRS Publication 970: Tax Benefits for Education

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) : Obtain forms and additional information.

Office of Budget & Institutional Analysis for the most recent tuition and fee amounts.