Supervising Attorneys

Interested in Supervising UC Davis Law Externs?

UC Davis Law’s Externship Program relies heavily on the involvement, and investment, of our site supervisors. As a supervising attorney, you will help students acquire practical lawyering skills, develop their sense of professionalism and professional identity, and learn through hands-on application and constructive feedback. In turn, we hope our students will add value to your work and workplaces.

How to become a Supervising Attorney

If you:

  • Work at a government or nonprofit law office;
  • Have been licensed to practice law for at least 3 years;
  • Can provide a real-world learning environment for law students that is educational and enables them to engage in substantive legal work;
  • Are willing to provide regular, constructive feedback regarding students’ performance and fill out mid- and end-of-semester evaluations regarding the students’ work;
  • Have space to accommodate student externs in your office; and
  • Are willing to keep clerical/administrative tasks (filing, copying, indexing, etc.) to a minimum (less than 10% of students’ time)

Then we invite you to fill out a New Placement Approval Form. This form will be used to evaluate prospective placements, and to advertise opportunities to students (should you chose to do so).

If you have questions about our externship program or would like additional information, please contact