Web Registration

Students will use Schedule Builder to register for classes.  This online system offers a pre-registration planning tool which allows you to create your schedule prior to your registration appointment time. 

Fall 2024 Registration - Important Dates
Schedule Builder opens for pre-planning for Fall 2024 courses on April 9.
Registration Day (Pass 1)
3Ls – April 16 at 12:15pm-2:00pm
2Ls – April 18 at 12:15pm-2:00pm
Schedule Adjustment Day (Pass 2)
3Ls – May 14 at 8:15am-10:00am
2Ls – May 14 at 12:15pm-2:00pm
After Pass 1 and Pass 2, Schedule Builder will be closed until Open Registration.
Open Registration for 2L and 3L Students
August 7 to September 3
Weekdays: 6:00am-11:59pm
Weekends: 10:00am-6:00pm

Finding Open Courses

You can view the status of a course by using the search features within Schedule Builder. Make sure you to select the correct year and term (i.e. Fall of Spring Semester), and "LAW". There are many search options to choose from once you are in the form. 

Wait Lists

Wait-listed units are included in the 17-unit total. So any course you are waitlisted for, will count toward the 17-unit maximum you will be permitted to enroll in. Class size is determined by the nature of the class and the seating capacity of the classroom. When courses become fully enrolled, a wait list is generated automatically by the online registration system.  The waitlist is updated at midnight every night during open registration.  If an enrolled student drops themself from the course at any time in the 24-hour period between updates, the system will automatically fill any empty seats with students on the waitlist. 

If you attempt to register for a course which is overenrolled, you will receive a message telling you that the class is closed and is currently on a waiting list. You need to take an additional step to place yourself on the waitlist. If you don't submit this additional request, you will not be placed on the waitlist.  If you attempt to register for a class that meets at the same time as a course you are on the waitlist for, the system will assume you are no longer interested in the waitlisted course and enroll you for the new course you've requested. You will be dropped from waitlisted courses if you attempt to enroll for another course which meets at the same time, and you will lose your spot on that waitlist.

Consider Your Exam Schedule

When planning your course schedule for the term, consider your final exam schedule.  The law school regulations do not allow for rescheduling of exams unless you have two or more exams scheduled for the same day.  Having one final exam each day for several consecutive days does not constitute a hardship or valid reason for rescheduling. The exam schedule is available prior to course registration so students may plan their exam schedules accordingly. If you do not want to test for consecutive days, you should not select a combination of courses which would result in an exam schedule with consecutive days.


Some courses have a prerequisite. It is your responsibility to check the course description to confirm you meet the prerequisite for that course, Schedule Builder does not check for you. You can read the course description in Schedule Builder by clicking “Show Details” or visit the Course Description page on the website. Faculty members have the right to ask students to leave a class if they have not completed the appropriate prerequisite.

Dropping and Adding Courses

During the open registration window, you can add and drop classes, and/or place yourself on a wait list for any overenrolled classes.  After that time, in order to drop a class you will need professor permission, and to add a class you will need permission from the professor and the Registrar’s office.  Adds after the first two weeks are rare. Students may not drop a course if it takes them below 10 units.

How many units do I need to have "full-time status"?

To be considered a full-time student, you will need to be enrolled in ten units.  Verification of full-time status will occur in September for fall term and February for spring term.  Often times, students will register for courses and will not be enrolled in ten units initially, but will instead be enrolled for fewer than ten units and waitlisted for many more.  Being enrolled in fewer than ten units over the summer or winter break, and for the first few weeks of the term is common.  For students receiving financial aid:  If you are enrolled in five units your scholarships and loans will disburse, and for grants you will need to be enrolled in ten units before grant money will disburse.  Fall tuition is due by September 15th and spring tuition is due by January 15th.

Overenrolled Courses

TO PRESERVE YOUR PLACE IN AN OVERENROLLED COURSE, YOU MUST ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS SESSION OF THE COURSE AND SIGN THE CLASS ATTENDANCE SHEET. If you are on a wait list for the class or if you simply want to try to get into it, you also must attend the first class and sign the class attendance sheet. When openings occur in the class, students will be assigned off the class attendance sheet with wait-listed students receiving priority. You may not sign the class attendance sheet for another student. Doing so will be considered a violation of student judicial affairs conduct rule 102.02. If you believe you have extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from attending the first class in an overenrolled course, please contact the Registrar's Office and the professor.

Enrollment for Moot Court Competition Credit

A moot court competition (Law 413) is an activity in which participants take part in simulated court proceedings, which usually involves drafting memoranda and participating in oral argument.  Students may receive academic credit for competing in law competitions.  General guidelines for enrollment are as follows:

If a student is participating in a competition which requires research and preparation in advance, and the student participates in oral arguments on the day of the competition, this may be eligible for one unit of credit.  If student advances to an additional “round” of competition within the same competition/event, this does not constitute reason for an additional unit of credit.

If a student is participating in a competition which requires research and preparation in advance, participates in oral arguments on the day of the competition and is required to draft a substantial brief as part of the competition, this competition may be eligible for two units of credit.

If a student participates in a competition and is asked to return to participate in a second, advanced level of competition, with an entirely new case/competition held on a different day of competition and additional preparation is required, this may qualify the student for an increase in academic credit by one additional unit.

Non-Law Courses

Our regulations do allow students to take and receive credit for one or two undergraduate or graduate courses offered in other parts of this university, subject to the following rules listed here. There are a few forms and approvals, which have to take place before we can register you.

Students interested in transferring UC Davis credit toward the JD degree must submit the Dean’s Approval For Outside Units   form to the Registrar’s Office PRIOR to enrolling in the course, including an explanation indicating how the course will further advance the student’s legal training.

Once you have made contact with the program or department and they have granted you permission, please forward that approval email along with the course number, and the 5-digit CRN number to

Deferred Classes

Students cannot self-enroll in 1L courses. If you have deferred a 1L class until your second year, please email the Registrar's Office with the course information (CRN, professor, etc.) for the course in which you would like to be enrolled. Provided there is a seat available in that section and you have sufficient units available in your schedule as well as no other course/time conflicts, the Registrar's Office will enroll you in the course you selected. If there is not a seat available, we will work with you to enroll in an alternative section.

Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Students who wish to withdraw from law school (indefinitely) or to take up to two semesters of leave, should review Article V of the Law School Regulations.  Please contact the Law School Registrar's Office to complete the Withdrawal Petition or Planned Educational Leave Program form.