Event Recordings

The Free People of Color Lecture Series, Spring 2021

01/19/21 - "An Integral Portion of this Republic," with Professor Christopher Bonner

01/26/21 - "'The Rights of the Citizens of Massachusetts'": African American Sailors in Southern Ports in the 1830s," with Professor Kate Masur

02/02/21 - "Mary Chinaman: Trafficking, Runaways, and the Law in the American West," with Professor Beth Lew-Williams

02/09/21 - "Becoming Mobile in the Age of Segregation: Public Conveyances and the Fight for Black Citizenship," with Professor Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor

02/16/21 - "On the Antebellum Fringe: Lumbee Indians, Slavery, and Removal," with Professor Malinda Maynor Lowery

02/23/21 - "Everyday Use: A History of Civil Rights in Black Churches," with Professor Dylan C. Penningroth

03/02/21 - "Manila Prepares for Independence: Filipina/o Campaigns for U.S. Citizenship on the Eve of Philippine Decolonization," with Professor Jane Hong

03/16/21 - "From Fishing Together to To Fish in Common With: Makah Marine Waters and the Making of the Settler Commons in Washington Territory," with Professor Joshua Reid

03/30/21 - "Race, Economic Discrimination, and the Politics Homeownership Expansion," with Professor Chloe Thurston

04/06/21 - "Reconstruction and the Long History of Equal Access to Court Testimony," with Professor Pippa Holloway

04/13/21 - "The First Civil Rights Movement: Emancipation and Manumission in the Age of Revolution, 1770-1826," with Dr. Paul Finkelman

04/20/21 - "A Radical Remedy: The Making of Plenary Power in the U.S. West," with Professor Julian Lim

04/27/21 - "The War Against Asian Sailors and Fishers," with Professor Gabriel "Jack" Chin

Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Fall 2020

09/08/20 - "Restorative Justice and Criminal Law: Challenges & Opportunities for Justice Reform," with Professor Thalia González

09/15/20 - "Dog Whistle Politics and Asian Americans," with Professor Robert S. Chang

09/22/20 - "Why the ERA Would Endanger Women's Equality: Lessons From Colorblind Constitutionalism," with Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui

09/29/20 - "The Essential & the Unprotected: Safeguarding Latino Workers During the Covid-19 Crisis," with Hugo Morales

10/06/20 - "Fear of Humiliation as the Root of Racism," with Peter Gabel

10/13/20 - "Indigenous Peoples & Cultural Appropriation: The Rise of BLM and the Fall of Racist Brands," with Professor Angela R. Riley

10/27/20 - "The Trauma of Injustice," with Dean and Professor Angela Onwuachi-Willig 

11/10/20 - "The Internet of Things and The Future of Privacy," with Professor Stacy-Ann Elvy

11/17/20 - Aoki Student Presentations

Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Spring 2020

1/21/20 - "Cultural Humility and the Interruption of Scripts of Inequality," with Dr. Jann Murray-Garcia

1/28/20 - "Diversity Logic - How Diverse Decision Making Makes Us Smarter, More Resilient, and Better Able to Achieve Justice," with Bill Kennedy

2/4/20 - "U.S. Supreme Court and African Americans," with Bill Wiecek

2/11/20 - "Uniqueness and Beyond: The Contradictions of Tribal Status in the United States," with Katherine Florey

2/18/20 - Day of Rememberance "Deporter In-Chief: Obama v. Trump," with Bill Hing

2/25/20 - "American Colonialism and American Constitutionalism," with Seth Davis

3/3/20 - "Birthright Citizenship and Slave Trade Legislation," with Gabriel "Jack" Chin

4/7/20 - "The Constitution Through a Critical Lens," with Students from the Aoki Center Critical Race Studies Reading Group


Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Fall 2019

9/10/19 - "Almost Citizens," with Sam Erman

9/17/19 - "Miscounting the Chineese: Racial Bias in Homeland Security and in the 1892-1906 Census," with Sue Fawn Chung

9/17/19 - "Impact of Racism on the Health and Well-being of Children," with Tiffani J. Johnson

9/24/19 - "Unequal Profession: Race and Gender in Legal Academia," with Meera E. Deo 

10/1/19 - "What's so Scary About Revolutions?" with Gregory Downs

10/8/19 - "Understanding Diversity and Inclusion in our Courts," with Judge Emily Vasquez (video unavailable)

10/15/19 - "Native American Law and Policy in California," with Christina Snider

10/22/19 - "Trump's Latinx Repatriation," with Dean Kevin Johnson

10/29/19 - "Increasing Inclusion by Mentoring," with Adrienne Lawson

11/5/19 - "A Community-Based Feminist Approach to Examining Exposure and Assessing Community Health: Addressing Environmental Health Concerns of Community Residents of Kettleman," with Clare Cannon

11/12/19 - "A Critique of the Myths and Paradigms Underpinning White Privilege," with Kassahun Gebremariam

11/19/19 - "The Overpolicing of Students of Color and Innovative Methods of Resistance," with Jade Parker & King Hall Students 


Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Spring 2019

1/29/19 - "The Relationship Between the 'Me Too' Movement, the Media, and Women in Employment," with Martha West

2/19/19 - Day of Remembrance for Japanese Internment During WWII, with Joshua Kaizuka and Congresswoman Doris Matsui

2/26/19 - "UC Immigrant Legal Services: A Model for Public Universities," with Maria Blanco

3/5/19 - "Law and the Making of American Imperialism," with Nina Farnia (video available on law school intranet)

3/19/19 - "Empirically Investigating the Source of the Repeat Player Effect in Consumer Arbitration," with Andrea Chandrasekher

4/2/19 - "Civil Rights and the FDR Administration," with Eric Rauchway

4/9/19 - "A Review of Native American Identity in California," with Chief Judge Christine Williams

4/16/19 - "A Conversation Between the Framptons: From the Streets of East Harlem to the Halls of the Supreme Court, A Reflection on the Struggle for Gender and Reproductive Justice," with Mary Louise Frampton and George T. Frampton Jr.


Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Fall 2018

9/4/18 - "Decolonizing Federal Indian Law," with Victorio Shaw

9/11/18 - "CA's Affordable Housing Crisis & Homelessness: A Local Perspective," with Enrique Fernandez

9/18/18 - "Immigration Policy and Human Rights in the Trump Era," with Sasha Abramsky

9/25/18 - "Doctrine at the Gate: Religion, Race, Class, and Gender in Catholic Hospitals," with Lisa Ikemoto

10/9/18 - A Discussion on Tribal Sovereignty and Federal Indian Law, with Jeff Keohane

10/16/18 - "Space, Race and Law in the City of Nairobi," with Bettina Ng'weno

10/23/18 - "Suicide? It Ain't Just a White Thing," with Nicki King

10/25/18 - "Lift Us Up, Don't Push Us Out!" with Mark Warren

10/30/18 - "The King of Adobe: Reies López Tijerina and the New Mexican Land-Grant Movement," with Lorena Oropeza


Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Spring 2018

1/23/18 - "The Other Slavery," with Andrés Reséndez

1/30/18 - "The Advocacy of the King Hall Immigration Law Clinic in the Age of Trump," with Holly Cooper

2/6/18 - "My President Was Black...So What!: Sociopolitical Realities of Black Male Youths," with Lawrence Winn

2/13/18 - "Ferguson, Gaza, Standing Rock: Histories of Settler Colonialism and Anti-Blackness," with Justin Leroy

2/20/18 - " Oyama v. California: A Play," with Rose Cuison-Villazor

2/27/18 - "An Immodest Proposal: Children, Citizenship, and Vicarious Voting as a Solution to California-Style Feudalism," with Christopher Elmendorf

3/6/18 - "Family Law and (In)Equity," with Courtney Joslin

3/13/18 - "One Misstep from Free Fall: Living the Black Middle Class in Harlem," with Bruce Haynes

4/10/18 - "California's Experiment with Prison Downsizing: Any Progress in Reversing Racial Disparities in Correctional Involvement?"

4/17/18 - "Transforming the Juvenile Justice System," with Mary Louise Frampton


Tribal Justice Project

9/17/18 - "Indian Civil Rights Act: Fifty Years Later," with Chief Justice Abby Abinanti, Chief Judge Claudette White, Tribal Advisor to the Governor Cynthia Gomez (retired), and Professor Joseph Myers, moderated by Chief Judge Christine Williams


Special Events

10/25/18 - "Lift Us Up, Don't Push Us Out!" Critical Dialogue on Education Justice