Financial Aid Disbursement

Billing & Financial Aid Disbursement

Approximately a month before the start of each semester tuition and fees will post to your student account balance via MyBill. If you are receiving financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.) do not be alarmed by the outstanding balance shown in MyBill.

Financial aid is disbursed equally across two (2) semesters (fall and spring). Grants, scholarships, and Federal student loans (accepted by July 31st),  begin to disburse during the first week of classes. The authorized aid for fall semester is credited to your student account and applied towards your tuition balance by the end of the first week of classes. If there is a balance due after your Estimated Financial Aid has been posted, you are responsible for paying the amount prior to the payment deadline. If your Estimated Financial Aid is greater than the balance due on your account, the difference will be issued as a refund. Refunds are sent directly to you via direct deposit or check.

Aid will not disburse unless all outstanding requirements show as complete on MyAwards.  Once you have completed all necessary requirements, returned all necessary documents to the School of Law Financial Aid Office and fees have been assessed, your account will be updated.  All financial aid funds are disbursed by the Student Accounting Office

Student Accounting

2100 Dutton Hall
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, M-F
(530) 752-3646

For questions about MyBill and charges on your account please visit the following page, or contact the UC Davis Student Accounting Office. You can reach their office via phone at (530) 752-3646, by email at, or online.  The Student Accounting Office would appreciate your patience through the first weeks of class as they assist thousands of undergraduates and graduate/professional students.

Direct Deposit

The fastest way to receive your refund is by direct deposit. Interested students can sign up for this service online using their UCD Login ID and Kerberos password. 

Students signed up for Direct Deposit will receive e-mail notification when funds are deposited into your account.

Payment Notifications

All notifications to direct deposit recipients are made via e-mail. When the direct deposit participant establishes the service, they are asked to provide an e-mail address. Any changes made to their service, or payments made to their account, will generate an e-mail notification. Participants can sign up without an e-mail address, but they will not receive any notifications; therefore, it is strongly recommended that an e-mail address be provided. Payment notifications do not contain any sensitive information. 

If you have any questions regarding this service, contact Student Accounting at or (530) 752-3646.

Check Disbursement

Students who are not registered for direct deposit will receive refunds in the form of a check. Checks are disbursed by Student Accounting at the beginning of each semester. The Student Accounting Office will notify you when a check has been mailed to the address on file, or when the check is ready for pick up. To ensure the mailing address on file is up to date login to