Criminal Law and Procedure

Criminal Law and Procedure Courses - Faculty Recommendations

Administration of Criminal Justice Externship

Advanced Evidence

Advanced Criminal Procedure **

Aoki Federal Public Defender Clinic/Seminar

Corporate and White Collar Crime **

Criminal Procedure *
Note: This course assumes students have completed the Criminal Law course their 1L year, but no additional prior coursework in criminal law.

Criminal Justice Administration Seminar

Death Penalty Seminar

Evidence **

Juvenile Justice

Legal Theory Workshop - Aoki Center Race and Nations Research Seminar

Legal Psychology Seminar


Policing Seminar

Prison Law Clinic

Scientific Evidence

Sexual Assault Seminar

Sociology of Criminal Procedure

Privatization of Criminal Justice Seminar

Transnational Criminal Law **

Trial Advocacy **

Criminal Law Faculty

Professors Chandrasekher, Chin, Feeney, Harris A., Joh, Joo, Lin, Murphy, and Shestowsky.

Note: The above recommendations are made by the Criminal Law Faculty and not the Law Faculty as a whole.