Outside (Non-King Hall) Forms

Students who need enrollment verification forms (Bar forms, Veteran Benefits, Insurance, etc.) signed by the Dean, Law School Official, or Academic Advisor should bring all forms to the Registrar’s Office, where we will collect the required signatures.

Registrar Forms

The following forms may be faxed, mailed, submitted in person to the Law Registrar's Office, or electronically submitted via email. If submitting via email, the email must be sent from the requesting person's "" address which will serve as an electronic signature in place of the student signature requested on the form. Please fill-out, save, and send the form as an attachment to

Some forms require the signature of a faculty member. Please fill-out a hard copy of the form, request the signature from the appropriate faculty member then submit the form, in person, to the Law Registrar's Office for the Dean of Students’ approval.

Academic Planning Guide 

Dean's Approval for Units Taken Outside 

Exam Change Request Form 

Joint Degree Program Authorization Form 

Letter Request Form 

Writing Requirement Certificate of Completion Form 

Course Applications

Application for Competition Credit (Law 413) 

Application for Independent Writing Projects (Law 419/499) 

Certificate Completion Forms

Business Law Certificate Form  (completion of requirements)

Criminal Law and Policy Certificate Form  (completion of requirements)

Environmental Law Certificate Form  (completion of requirements)

Immigration Law Certificate Form  (completion of requirements)

Intellectual Property Certificate Form  (completion of requirements)

Tax Law Certificate Form  (completion of requirements) 

Campus Forms

The following actions are coordinated through the central campus Office of the University Registrar.

AggieCard Request Form 
Address and Phone Number
Lived (Preferred) Name Change
Name Change Petition