Bar Exam Information: Resources for Bar Exam Preparation

Students planning to take the bar exam are strongly encouraged to enroll in a bar review courses. Bar review courses are classes that prepare students for a bar exam through review of the substantive law learned in law school, and exam strategies. Many companies offer a variety of courses, workshops and online tutorials. Students should thoroughly research these options before selecting a course.

Students are encouraged to discuss their Bar Review course options with the Assistant Dean for Academic Success, Christopher Ide-Don (

Online Resources for Bar Exam Preparation

The State Bar of California

Bar Exam information for the State of California. Includes past essay and performance test examinations, requirements for entry into the profession and moral character application information.

ABA Guide to Bar Admission Requirements

An overview of the bar admission requirements and most bar exam components, provided by the American Bar Association.

National Conference of Bar Examiners

The NCBE is a non-profit organization the develops standardized tests for admission to the bar in the United States. 

Bar Exam Tips from Our Alums