Harris Prize

The Aoki Center is proud to announce the inaugural Angela Harris Prize for Critical Race Scholarship. The prize is named after Professor Emerita Angela Harris, who has written extensively in the field of critical legal theory, examining how law sometimes reinforces and sometimes challenges subordination on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, class, and other dimensions of power and identity. Through her scholarly work and mentorship, generations of students have taken up the pursuit of examining the law through a critical lens.

As an acknowledgement of the impact that Professor Harris has made at King Hall, the Aoki Center is dedicating the first ever prize for critical race scholarship in her honor. The competition is open to all students enrolled at the UC Davis School of Law. The Harris Prize will be awarded during the Public Interest Graduation for the paper which makes the most significant scholarly contribution in the field of critical race theory. For more information, please contact Center's Program Coordinator Nina-Marie Bell ( nbell@ucdavis.edu).


2019 Award Recipient

Kassahun Gebremariam for his paper " A Critique of the Intentional Discrimination Doctrine in Civil Rights Law"