UC Davis School of Law has six student run journals. Academic credit is offered to students for participating in select roles in four of the Law School's student journals: Environs, Immigration & Nationality Law Review, Journal of International Law & Policy, and the UC Davis Law Review. Information about all six journals is listed below.

UC Davis Law Review

The UC Davis Law Review is King Hall’s premier scholarly publication. Law Review publishes articles from legal academics, practitioners, and its own student editors. Each academic year, the student-run journal prints one volume composed of five issues and continually updates its more nimble online companion, the UC Davis Law Review Online. The annual UC Davis Law Review Symposium, focused on pressing legal issues, is one of the Law School’s showcase events. Law Review provides students the opportunity to hone their research and writing skills, while advancing the public discourse surrounding important legal topics.

All Law Review Editors and Members receive course credit. A student's acceptance onto law review is determined by a write-on skills competition. Members (2Ls) must complete an approved note or comment and must perform production duties requiring a substantial time commitment. Editors (3Ls) have extensive duties specific to their particular positions.

Business Law Journal

The UC Davis Business Law Journal (BLJ) is run by dedicated law students who are committed to providing current and valuable legal and business analysis. Participating students increase their opportunities to foster relationships with some of the most notable individuals in business law.

BLJ was the first business law journal in the nation to electronically publish articles written by professionals, academics, and law students using a concise, journalistic style. The journal is now published in both electronic and hard-copy format. While traditional law journals are heavy on academic theory and light on practical information, BLJ aims to provide a balanced synthesis of both. BLJ addresses a broad spectrum of issues that fall within the intersection of business and the law, including tax matters, intellectual property concerns, bankruptcy planning, employee benefits, information on the impact of recent legal rulings, and more.

BLJ also features interviews conducted by journal members with attorneys, professionals, judges, and academics. The interviews are aimed at providing timely and relevant discussions with and forecasts from those professionals who are shaping today's business and legal fields. Consequently, BLJ is a useful resource for both practitioners and academics in the often-interrelated worlds of business and law.

The students of BLJ are committed to bridging the gap between law school and practice, cultivating and sharing knowledge of developments in legal and business news, and promoting a new generation of ethical and professional business leaders.


Environs is a biannual environmental law and policy journal that supports an open forum for the discussion of current environmental issues, particularly those pertaining to the state of California. Each year nearly 100 King Hall students work together to publish Environs. Environs provides law students with the chance to develop essential skills that will benefit them throughout law school and their careers.

Journal of International Law & Policy

The Journal of International Law & Policy is a biannual journal produced by King Hall students with an interest in international law. The journal's goal is to provide interesting and well-written articles by both students and professionals. JILP is pleased to host an annual symposium, bringing renowned professors, practitioners, and experts on topics in international law and policy to King Hall.

Social Justice Law Review

The Social Justice Law Review is UC Davis School of Law’s dedicated public interest journal, which aims to promote the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.’s work by publishing unique, engaging pieces of scholarship relating to social justice. The Social Justice Law Review provides scholars and practitioners the opportunity to publish their articles with one of the top public interest law schools in the nation.

Students who work on the Journal have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of important and cutting edge issues relating to social justice and to contribute to the publication of important pieces of scholarship. The Journal is an expansion of the prior Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy, which was in publication for 23 volumes.

Immigration & Nationality Law Review

The Immigration & Nationality Law Review anthologizes a yearly collection of exceptional immigration scholarship published in other law journals around the country. It is one of the two major student-edited American law journals focused on immigration and nationality issues. Student editors identify articles suitable for reprinting, organize an annual symposium, and supervise Associate Members writing student notes. Associate Members' notes can satisfy the writing requirement.