Public Interest Law

Public Interest and Policy Courses - Faculty Recommendations

Administrative Law *

California Environmental Issues Seminar

Civil Rights Law

Community Education Seminar

Critical Race Theory

Disability Rights

Educational Policy and the Law

Elections and Political Campaigns

Employment Discrimination

Family Law

Feminist Legal Theory

Housing Law

International Law in the Public Sphere (Public International Law) **

Immigration Law and Procedure

International Human Rights **

Juvenile Justice Seminar

Labor Law I and II

Latinos and Latinas and the Law

Law and Rural Livelihoods

Law and Society Seminar

Law-Making and Law-Changing in the Nation's Capital

Law of the Political Process **

Legislative Intent Seminar

Legislative Process **

Legislative Process Externship

Local Government Law **

Nonprofit Organizations

Policing Seminar

Privacy, Surveillance, and "Sousveillance"

Public Benefits Law Seminar

Public Finance: Theory and Practice

Public Health Law

Public Interest Law *

Public Interest Law Externship

Public Land Law

Public Regulatory Law **

Public Sector Labor Law Seminar

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Law

State and Local Taxation

Surveillance and States

UCDC Externship

Public Interest Law and Policy Faculty

Professors Chin, Elmendorf, Harris, A., Harris, J., Ikemoto, Johnson, Joslin, Lewis, Murphy, Perez, Pruitt, Reynoso, Saucedo, and Villazor.

Note: The above recommendations are made by the Public Interest Law and Policy Faculty and not the Law Faculty as a whole.