Keys to success for 2L's:

Manage Your Time Wisely:

Students that have a weekly schedule tend to accomplish more, have less stress, and have more time for extracurricular activities. Your schedule can include your classes, appointments, time for studying, and time for the things in life that keep you balanced: food, sleep, exercise, and fun.

Assess Your 1L Performance:

By now you have learned about what works for you and what does not in the areas of reading, studying, preparing for exams, and exam taking. Use the document "Assessing Your First Year of Law School" (below) to learn more about how you performed during your first year and what new strategies you may want to employ for 2L year. The Assistant Dean for Academic Success is available to discuss your second-year goals.

Get to Know Your Resources for Academic Success:

Take advantage of the Academic Success Program! ASP offers study and exam skills workshops, a study aid library, and personal academic counseling. Stop by the Academic Success Resource Center on the second floor of King Hall at Room 2312.

Helpful Documents for 2L's

Assessing Your First Year of Law School

Taking Law School Exams - A Quick Summary