Loan Repayment Assistance: FAQ

What is the deadline to apply?

King Hall graduates have up to three and one-half years after graduation to submit their initial LRAP application.

The deadline to submit applications for the January payment period is November 15.

The deadline to sbmit applications for the July payment period is June 15.

How do I apply for the LRAP program?

A complete application consists of the following:

  • LRAP Application and Checklist

  • LRAP Employment Verification ( For use if your employer does not have an employment verification system)

  • Position Description/Duty Statement on the government or non-profit agency letterhead to verify employment with a Local, State, or Federal government agency

  • Verification of employer 501(c)(3), (4), or (5) IRS tax-exempt status (For non-profit organizations)

  • List of student loans from your Federal Student Aid Loan Servicer, or private student loan lender. Documentation should include the current total loan balance 

  • IRS Tax Return or Transcript, including W-2 and schedules for you and your spouse, if applicable. Request a copy of your federal tax return transcripts at  For security, please redact from your tax return your routing and account numbers and all but the last four-digits of your social security and/or tax ID numbers.

Do LRAP participants need to re-apply every year?

Yes, current LRAP participants will need to establish continuing eligibility by submitting to the Law Financial Aid Office by November 15 (for the January payment period) or June 15 (for the July payment period) the following:

  • LRAP Application and Checklist

  • LRAP Employment Verification ( For use if your employer does not have an employment verification system)

  • Proof of student loan payments: Sum of payments between January-June, and July-December, must equal or exceed most recent LRAP award amount.  Download your loan payment history from your loan servicer's website.

  • Documentation from loan servicer(s) or lender showing current total student loan balance.

  • Most recent signed tax return or IRS Tax Transcript, including W-2 and schedules for you and your spouse, if applicable (Required for July payment period only).  For security, please remove your routing and account numbers and all but the last four-digits of your social security and/or tax ID numbers

What qualifies as eligible employment for LRAP?

King Hall graduates who perform law-related work for nonprofit organizations that qualify for tax exemption under IRS Code Sections 501(c), (3), (4), or (5) or who are employed directly by a local, state, or federal government agency. Employment must be no less than 50% time (20 hours per week).

What loans are eligible under the program?

Federal Stafford Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Graduate Plus, Perkins and alternative (private) educational loans; including federal loans taken out for undergraduate and other graduate-level study. Bar Study Loans are not eligible.

Can I receive LRAP benefits if my student loans are in deferment or forbearance?

No, loans in deferment or forbearance are not eligible for LRAP. 

What is the maximum income to qualify for the program?

The maximum annual income is $80,000. Applicants must report income from all sources.

How much LRAP benefit will I receive for each payment period?

LRAP awards will be 10 to 100 percent of the applicant’s annual federal Income-Driven Repayment, plus 10 to 100 percent of the applicant’s annual unpaid interest. Annual IDR equals 10% of discretionary income and will be calculated by King Hall using applicable income and the federal poverty rate for a single person. Unpaid interest is Eligible Annual Interest less Annual IDR. If IDR is greater than Eligible Annual Interest, Unpaid Interest will be zero. The award percentage depends on the applicable income as shown below.

Applicable Income      Award Percentage
Less than $53,000         100%
53,000-55,000         90%
55,001 - 60,000         75%
60,001 - 65,000         60%
65,001 - 70,000         40%
70,001- 75,000         25%
75,001 - 80,000         10%
More than $80,000      Ineligible

Estimated six-month benefit amounts based on Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and eligible loan balance are shown below. The loan debt limit on all LRAP-eligible loans shall not exceed $150,000. LRAP participants with an overall debt of over $150,000 will have their benefit calculated based on the debt limit.

Loan balance 
Loan balance
Loan balance
Loan balance
Loan balance 
Loan balance
AGI: $52,000







AGI: $60,000







AGI: $65,000







AGI: $70,000







AGI: $75,000







AGI: $79,000







How is my spouse or partner's income counted?

Married graduates will be treated as having the higher of (a) the applicant's income or (b) one-half of their joint income. In the event that both partners are eligible for LRAP, their income and debt will be treated separately or as one-half of the total income and debt for each.

I have children. How will this affect my LRAP benefit?

We will reduce your income by $5,000 for each dependent you claim as a tax exemption on your federal tax return.

What happens if my employment changes in the middle of the payment period?

Submit the LRAP Status Change to report any changes to employment; job duties; scheduled hours; income; marital status or legal dependents within 30 days of the event.  Failure to report these changes within the allotted grace period will result in disqualification of your loan forgiveness for the benefit period.  We may ask you to repay a portion of LRAP benefit already received or we may reduce your future benefit based on the information you provide in the status change form. 

Is there a maximum number of years I can participate in the LRAP program?

Yes, graduates can receive benefits for a maximum of 10 years of qualifying employment.

Am I eligible to participate if I am currently holding a judicial clerkship?

No, judicial clerkships do not qualify for the LRAP program.

How frequent are payments issued to LRAP participants?

LRAP payments are issued twice during the calendar year in January and July.

Do I have to use all funds received for loan repayment?

Yes. Your LRAP disbursement is intended for nothing else but to assist with making monthly student loan payments. If your payments over the 6-month period do not equal or exceed the amount disbursed, you may be required to repay any portion not used for loan payments. We strongly recommend opening a separate bank account for LRAP to help you manage the funds.

How long must I remain in the program before the LRAP benefits I receive are eligible for forgiveness?

We will forgive your LRAP loan at the end of each six-month period after you submit a renewal application and verify that you continue to work for an eligible employer, your annual income from all sources does not exceed $80,000 and you make payments due on all education loans covered by the program.

What other loan forgiveness programs are available for Public Interest employment?

The College Cost Reduction and Access Act (H.R. 2669 and Public Law 110-84) passed in September 2007 created a new Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Borrowers repaying federal Direct Loans who work in public service professions (such as jobs in schools, charities, and government) for 10 years can cancel any federal student loan balances that remain after that period. You can find detailed information at Federal Student Aid on the Web