First Year

First Year Curriculum

The first-year curriculum is prescribed and provides the essential framework for subsequent legal study.

Introduction to Law

The first week of law school constitutes a basic introduction to the concepts of the law, the historical roots of common law and equity, the precedent system in its practical operation, the modes of reasoning used by courts and attorneys, and the fundamentals of statutory interpretation.

Civil Procedure

A study of civil actions focusing on the methods used by federal and state courts to resolve civil disputes.

Constitutional Law I

Learn the principles, doctrines, and controversies regarding the basic structure and division of powers in the U.S. government.


This course examines the sorts of promises that are enforced and the nature of protection given promissory obligations in both commercial and noncommercial transactions.

Criminal Law

This course studies the bases and limits of criminal liability. It covers the constitutional, statutory and case law rules that define, limit and provide defenses to individual liability for the major criminal offenses.

Lawyering Process

This course introduces students to different types of interactive skills needed for effective litigation and transactional work. It provides simulation-based opportunities to hone basic skills in client interviewing, counseling, and negotiation. Students attend weekly lectures and also have five “laboratory” sessions in small groups that are taught by a legal practitioner who provides feedback on skills and advice on professional development issues.

Legal Research & Writing I

Integrated legal research and writing skills course. Basic legal research resources and strategies are introduced and practiced.

Legal Research & Writing II

Persuasive writing and oral advocacy. Students will complete integrated research and writing assignments, including a complaint, a strategic defense office memorandum, a motion to dismiss in federal court, and an appellate brief, with oral arguments by all students.


Study the doctrines and concepts of property law with primary emphasis on real property. Course topics include the estates in land system, the landlord-tenant relationship, conveyancing and private and public land use control.


Familiarizes students with legal rules, concepts and approaches pertinent to the recovery for personal injuries, property damages and harm done to intangible interests.