Overview of Student Affairs at King Hall

UC Davis School of Law provides a wide range of services to support students in their academic and professional endeavors, including:

  • The Academic Success Office, which helps students identify and strengthen their academic abilities through individual counseling and programs ranging from workshops on study skills to pre-bar exam preparation;
  • The Career Services Office, which promotes employment opportunities and helps students develop personalized career strategies;
  • The Financial Aid Office, which works to maximize financial assistance for each student; and
  • The Registrar's Office, which maintains academic records, oversees exam administration and coordinates with the campus Student Disability Center.

Senior Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Emily Scivoletto, coordinates these services and serves as a liaison for students on academic, personal and administrative issues. Dean Scivoletto conducts academic and non-academic advising, interprets and administers the law school’s Regulations, provides referrals to the best sources of help for students’ particular issues, and facilitates communication among students, faculty, other deans and staff. Dean Scivoletto can help (or provide referrals for help) with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Adjusting to law school;
  • Stress and anxiety, whether the result of law school or non-academic issues;
  • Bar admission, including questions regarding moral character certification;
  • Course selection, including long-range curriculum planning;
  • The UCDC Law Program, a semester-long externship program in Washington, D.C. which combines a weekly seminar with a full-time field placement;
  • Complaints made pursuant to the law school’s Complaint Procedure; and
  • Questions about law school life which other law school faculty or staff have been unable to answer.

Dean Scivoletto also serves as a campus Sexual Harassment Advisor and welcomes inquiries in this regard.

Students are encouraged to contact Dean Scivoletto with any questions or concerns they may have about any aspect of their law school experience.

(Note: “having a problem” is not necessary. All questions and concerns are welcome!) To schedule an appointment with Dean Scivoletto, contact the Dean's Office Assistant at (530) 752-0243 or stopping by the Deans’ Office (Room 2020). We look forward to assisting you!