Desired Outcomes

Provide strategies for budgeting while in law school

  • Prepare for expenses such as bar prep and bar exam fees
  • Adjust spending habits to reduce the need for excessive borrowing

Minimize borrowing

  • Borrow only what is necessary for current educational goals
  • Access scholarship opportunities to reduce need for loan

Maintain a low loan default rate

  • Regular review cumulative loan debt and required payments
  • Maximize loan counseling options

Protect credit and use credit cards responsibly

  • Understand possible effect your law career (character and fitness)
  • Avoid negative impact on ability to borrow while in school (Grad PLUS loan)

Prevent identity theft

  • Be aware of and avoid issues that could effect legal career
  • Maintain personal financial security

Repay student loans*

 *Please visit Career Services to obtain valuable information about career counseling and job interviews