Davis is proud to be a very active community. Residents and visitors can be found jogging, skating, swimming, golfing, rock climbing, exercising at fitness clubs, bowling, and playing tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer and racquetball at facilities on and off campus.

City of Davis Recreational Facilities

List of community parks, swimming pools and tennis court locations in Davis.

UC Davis Campus Recreation

Learn about recreational opportunities on campus including the pool, the equestrian center, the craft center and more. Use of the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) is free of charge to enrolled UC Davis Students.

UC Davis Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures offers a wide variety of trips and outings aimed at people who enjoy backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, kayaking and more.

The Craft Center

Explore your artistic side at the Craft Center on the UC Davis campus. The center offers courses on everything from glass blowing and ceramics to welding and paper making.

Rock Climbing

There are many excellent outdoor rock climbing spots near Davis. Popular practice spots among locals include the campus Activities and Recreation Center (link above) and Rocknasium, an indoor climbing gym.


Not only does Davis boast more bicycles per capita than any other city in the country, Davis has more bikeways per mile of roadway than any other city in the world! Many of Davis' city streets have incorporated wide bike lanes for cyclists to safely travel from place to place. And bike paths along the many miles of greenbelts that stretch across Davis provide a more scenic route for cyclists. For those interested in mountain biking, Davis is in close proximity to a number of world-class trails. 

Mountain Biking, Hiking and Camping

Northern California has some of the most challenging mountain biking in the country. There are also ample opportunities for excellent hiking and camping. features comprehensive information on mountain biking and hiking trails as well as campgrounds. Click on Northern California on the following map link for information on this region.

Yolo Hiker

A website dedicated to hiking and outdoor recreation in and around Yolo County.

Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Located in Sacramento, this nature center offers some great hiking as well as interesting exhibits.

State Parks

California has a multitude of state parks to be explored, featuring everything from redwood forests to sandy beaches.


Northern California is home to some of the best windsurfing on the planet. The Rio Vista Windsurfing Association has a popular website with information on sailing sites in the Delta - a short 45 minute drive from Davis.