Transcripts and Enrollment Verification

Unofficial Transcripts

Enrolled students can download advising or "unofficial" transcripts in a .pdf format using MyUCDavis.  To navigate to the transcript options, follow these steps (this may vary slightly when using the phone/mobile version):

  • Log-in to MyUCDavis
  • Choose “Academics”
  • From the drop-down menu under “Academics” select “Student Record”
  • Once on the “Student Record” page, choose the option for “Academics”
  • Once on the “Academics” page, there are two options for transcripts, “order and official” and “unofficial” transcripts.
  • Select “Unofficial Transcript” 
  • The document will load into a browser window.  Instead of saving the page, print it to your pdf printer to produce a pdf copy of your transcript.  If this is not possible, then while saving the page, make sure that it ends with “.pdf” (without quotes; add this file extension yourself, if necessary).

These instructions can be used to request an "Official Transcript" as well.  Simply follow the same navigation but select the appropriate option for ordering an "Official Transcript" instead.

Official Transcripts

An official record of each student's academic work at UC Davis is permanently retained by the Office of the University Registrar.  For graduates and individuals who are not currently enrolled students, the official transcript is the only option for requesting transcripts.  If a student leaves or graduates, there is no longer an advising/unofficial transcript available. 

For current students, SISWEB and Schedule Builder may show the history of various actions taken in the student's record while in law school.  These notations serve as an auditing resource so students have record of courses being dropped, added, etc.  For example, if a student drops a course during the first week of the semester, a "W1" notation will appear on the advising information in these online resources so that the student has record of the request and action taken.  These types of notations do not appear on the official transcript.  They are for the student's personal viewing only. 

Copies of official transcripts, upon request, will be mailed by the University Registrar to institutions, agencies and individuals or provided to the requestor in a sealed envelope or electronically.  Official transcripts must be ordered through the main campus registrar's office, located in Dutton Hall, Room 3100, or by using MyUCDavis following the instructions above, but selecting the option for "Official Transcripts" rather than "Unofficial Transcripts".  The Office of the University Registrar has more information on how to request Official Transcripts by mail, by fax or online if you no longer have access to MyUCDavis.

Office of the University Registrar
Room 3100, Dutton Hall
Phone: (530) 752-3639
Fax: (530) 752-6906
TDD: (530) 752-5149

Class Rank

Class rank information is not posted on transcripts. Law School class ranking information is available on the  Law School Intranet (click on the "Course Tools" tab then select "Graduation Checklist") Alumni can view class rank on the Alumni Directory by logging-in and selecting the Class Rank tab. 

King Hall ranks each graduating class individually at the end of each term using the cumulative GPA.  King Hall ranks its students based on 5% increments only.  We do not rank students numerically (i.e. 25th out of 171 students).   You will find that the GPA information in the ranking report has been extended to include a third decimal place.  However, it is common for GPAs to be truncated to only two decimal places.  Students who are unable to determine which percentile s/he ranks with due to this truncation, please use the Law School Intranet under “Graduation Checklist” to find your extended GPA (click on the “Course Tools” tab then select “Graduation Checklist”).

Grading and Grade Curve Description

For a description of our grade curve and grading information which can be supplied as a supplement to your transcript, click here.  This information is taken directly from the Law School Regulations.

Verification of Enrollment

For various reasons and purposes, students and alumni may need to verify their student status or enrollment.  We recommend you ask the party who is requesting such verification in what format they need the information verified.  Often times a currently enrolled student can simply provide his/her current course schedule/enrollment.  Other verifications may require either an unofficial or official transcript.  Or the Law Registrar's Office can supply a simple letter on King Hall letterhead which states a person is or was an enrolled student at King Hall.  For a general letter of verification, please fill-out the Letter Request Form and submit it to the Registrar's Office for processing.