Grade Information

When will grades be posted?

Grades are posted on a rolling basis as they become available. The faculty have 30-days from the date their exam was administered to submit grades.  For paper courses and co-curricular activities, the professor has 30-days from the last day of the exam period to submit scores.  We recommend you check for new postings in the morning, or after 8:00 p.m. each evening. 

Where can I view my grades?

Students may view their grades using MyUCDavis by following these instructions:

  1. Login to, on the top left click on “Academics” then in the drop down menu select “Student Records”
  2. The new page will load with your personal information.  Above your personal information there will be options for: General Info, Academics, Holds, Accounting. Click on “Academics”.
  3. Next, scroll down until you see the “Academic History” box.
  4. Lastly, choose the term for which you’d like to view your grades. Once selected, a drop down menu will display your schedule information and final grades.

If you want to view your unofficial transcript for all grades/all terms, please follow the instructions posted here.

Important Note about GPAs:
GPAs are not updated simultaneously with your nightly grade update.  There is a separate automated process which updates GPAs.  At the end of the term, after ALL grades have been posted for ALL students, a final update of all GPAs will occur to ensure all cumulative GPAs have been updated and finalized.   If you check your GPA prior to the ranking reports being released, please note that your GPA will be in a pending state and may not be accurate.

Class Rank Information

Class rankings are updated at the end of each semester and emailed to students.   After all grades have posted and GPAs have been updated, each graduating class is broken down into 5% increments based upon cumulative GPA.  King Hall ranks its students based upon 5% increments only.  We do not rank students numerically (i.e. 25th out of 175 students).  If you have a potential employer or third party asking for your numerical class ranking, it is appropriate to explain that UC Davis does not use a numerical system and the percentage is the only ranking information available.

Grade Curve Information

King Hall uses a required curve  in all first-year courses.  While upper division courses do not have a required curve, the faculty are encouraged to use the first-year curve as a model.

Can I choose a non-graded option for my courses?

Few courses are scheduled on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Students do not have an option to change the grading mode of a course from graded to non-graded (S/U). When filling out the application form for Law 499 (Independent Study) or Law 419 (Advanced Writing Projects), students may, in conjunction with their faculty advisor, decide whether to complete these units for a letter grade or S/U.

Incomplete Grades

See Faculty Regulation 3.5 Incomplete Grade

Occasionally a professor will determine that good cause exists to grant a student an “incomplete”  grade. Incomplete grades are only available in courses where the final assessment is a paper and where the student has already completed a substantial portion of that paper. Exam courses are not eligible for an incomplete grade. When a student takes an incomplete grade in a course, an "I" will appear on the student's transcript instead of a letter grade.  Once the final grade has been submitted, a notation is made on the transcript to indicate that the incomplete grade was removed and the letter grade replaced an "I" (incomplete) grade.  This notation cannot be removed.

A student who receives an “I” in a course must complete the work within the time specified by the instructor, but in no event later than the last day of the succeeding semester in which the student is in residence at the school. Students who do not satisfactorily complete the course work within the extended time limit will receive no credit for the course, and the “I” will be treated as an “F” in computing the grade point average.