Program Information

The UC Davis School of Law LL.M. offers a superior educational experience for foreign lawyers, judges, prosecutors and other legal professionals. Classes are taught by outstanding faculty scholars and students are integrated into JD classes. The program is tailored to individual student needs. Thus, with the support and advice of the LL.M. Director, students will be free to design their own program of study from the Law School's curriculum. For further information on curriculum offering, visit the schedules and course descriptions.

Degree Requirements

Each LL.M. candidate must successfully complete a minimum of 20 semester units of work. International LL.M. students must enroll in the one-unit course, Legal Research, and the two-unit course, Introduction to US Legal System. Both courses are offered in the fall semester.

International LL.M. students earn the remainder of their required course credit in regular, elective law school courses. Each LL.M. student must also complete an intellectually rigorous legal research and writing project. For more information, please read the LL.M. degree requirements and Article VI of the Law School Regulations.



The UC Davis School of Law faculty comprise some of the nation's leading legal scholars. Visit the faculty section to learn more about out outstanding faculty.


The LL.M. program is a 10-month course of studies. For some students, a longer period of study is vital to meeting educational and career goals. Please contact the LL.M. Admissions Office at to inquire about whether our two-year LL.M. option is right for you.

Transfer to JD

UC Davis School of Law academic year LL.M. students may apply for transfer to the J.D. Program. Although the transfer is not guaranteed, many of our LL.M. alumni have successfully transferred and completed the Juris Doctor program in the past. 

Please note that:

  • LSAT scores are not required
  • Successful completion of the LL.M. program is required
  • Contact us at for more information

Academic and Career Support

The LL.M. students enjoy individualized academic guidance and advice thorough the year. From a  3-day orientation before the classes start, to weekly meetings and workshops,  the program is designed to support all students in achieving their personal and professional goals and expectations. For more information, please visit our  LL.M. Mentoring Guidelines.

The Office of Career Services provides a variety of services to LL.M. students, including comprehensive workshops and presentations on various aspects of the job search process ( interview coaching and mock interviews) , and individual meetings with the LL.M. Career Counselor to review individual goals and strategies. LL.M. students enrolled full-time will also receive access to a personal CMS account (Symplicity), to aid in the job search process. Students may take advantage of job postings, online job search resources, and more.