Joint Degrees

Students may find a combined degree involving law and another discipline such as economics, business, sociology, or science advantageous. To encourage this kind of study, the School, in conjunction with other schools and university departments, has established Combined Degree Programs. Under these programs, a student may work toward a J.D. degree and a master’s degree in another discipline at the same time. Students working toward a combined degree are required to spend their first year at the law school. Normally, a Combined Degree Program will take at least four years. You will usually be able to earn up to 10 semester-hours of law school credit for work in the related discipline and normally can complete the combined degrees in less time than it would take to earn the two degrees separately. During the remaining years, course work may be divided between the law school and the related discipline. You must satisfy the admission requirements for both programs and file separate applications with both units.

Students have pursued degree programs in combination with UC Davis departments for the M.A. degree in economics, philosophy, computer science and sociology, and with the School of Management for the M.B.A. degree. The law school will attempt to work out an additional program if you are interested in other disciplines. You may enroll in the Combined Degree Program any time before the beginning of your third year in law school. If you are interested in pursuing a Combined Degree Program, and have made a separate application to another school or department, you should notify the School of Law Registrar's Office if that application is accepted.