Incoming International Student Housing

The first step in coming to the UC Davis School of Law is to locate housing. In this section, we have listed several choices for housing in Davis.  As you evaluate which is the most appropriate housing situation for you or your family, we would like to point out that Davis is a small and friendly community, centrally located in beautiful Northern California, of about 70,000 people. It is located 20 kilometers west of Sacramento, the state capital of California and 110 kilometers east of Berkeley, San Francisco, the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. It is also close to Lake Tahoe, the Napa Valley wine country and Yosemite National Park. Moreover, Davis is quite safe compared to other U.S. metropolitan areas.  One may drive, bicycle or ride a bus to the University campus from almost any point in Davis within a short period of time.

We expect housing in Davis to be more limited for this academic year than in past years because the UC Davis student body is increasing and the university and Davis are in the process of building new housing.  Although there is plenty of excellent housing in Davis, we recommend that you begin to research housing options as soon as possible after deciding to come to the UC Davis School of Law.  Below we have provided housing websites so you can see the types of housing that are available.  We recommend that you contact landlords and apartment property management services as early as possible to take advantage of the best housing opportunities.

Please contact our office at or at +1 (530) 752-6081 if you need assistance finding housing in Davis. 

Housing Options

There are two housing options in Davis: on-campus housing and off-campus housing. On-campus housing includes campus-run and privately-operated apartments.  Off-campus housing includes apartments, rental houses, homestays and other arrangements.  Your choice of housing will depend on many factors, such as your lifestyle preferences and financial resources. On-campus housing accommodations are simple in style and moderate in price.  Off-campus housing choices are numerous and varied. There are apartments, condominiums, and houses that range from older to newly built facilities.

Campus Housing

Campus apartments are available to a variety of UC Davis students. Campus apartments function independently of the residence halls, allowing for more flexibility and privacy for returning and graduate students, and students with families. Unlike the residence halls, campus apartments are equipped with private kitchens and bathrooms, but they do not include dining plans (plans may be purchased separately; see “ Dining” on the housing website listed above); apartments are available in different room quantities.

Six apartment complexes are conveniently located on the main campus and are privately operated; 

For students arriving with families, Russell Park offers options for on-campus housing. With playgrounds and a childcare center within steps of your door, it is the perfect location designed for students with families.

Other Off-Campus Housing

Excellent off-campus apartments are available throughout Davis.  The following provides contact information to find out more about these housing options.

  • UC Davis ULoop: Students advertise their own apartments, available for sublease.
  • Associated Students of UC Davis Community Listing BoardWe recommend this site because you may search for places to live by price range, neighborhood, type of housing (apartment, house, condominium) or room-share etc. Note: you will need to log in using your "" email.
  • The U apartment complex rents single rooms or full apartments.
  • Contacting Property Management Companies:
  • University Farm Circle: Housing list of university employees on sabbatical. 
  • Social Media: Students often use social media outlets to post housing listings. One of the most popular sites is on Facebook (search for “Housing” and choose the one located in Davis). You will need to provide your “” email address to be granted access to this site. Listings are used to search for housing, roommates, or both.
  • Affordable Rental Housing Spreadsheet: We compiled a list of apartments around Davis that offier afforable housing options.
  • Nextdoor App: The Nextdoor App is a free mobile application that connects the user with their neighbors. Through this app, users are able to get information on housing listings, community events, safety alerts, and find recommendations for goods and services in Davis.



With a homestay arrangement you will live with a local family and experience an American family lifestyle. Homestay arrangements are not one-size-fits all. You can choose to have your own room or you can share a room with another student. You can eat all or some of your meals with your host family. You choose the situation that best meets your needs.  You may contact the homestay providers directly. Please note that the LL.M. program is not affiliated with homestay providers and does not advocate for the providers listed below.

Davis Housing Services                       

Contact: James Doan