Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law Courses - Faculty Recommendations

Advanced Constitutional Law Seminar **

California Constitutional Law

Civil Rights Law **

Constitutional Theory Seminar

Criminal Procedure **

Constitutional Law II *
Note: This course assumes students have completed the Constitutional Law I course their 1L year, but no additional prior coursework in constitutional law.

Elections and Political Campaigns

Federal Jurisdiction

Feminist Legal Theory

Indian Gaming Law

Law of Political Process **

Law and Religion **

Law and Rural Livelihoods

Legal History

Legislative Intent Seminar

Legislative Process

Native American Law

Privacy, Surveillance, & "Sousveillance"

Right of Publicity and Related Doctrines

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Law

Supreme Court Simulation Seminar

Surveillance and States

Selected Topics in Constitutional Law: Habeas Corpus and 11th Amendment **

Constitutional Law Faculty

Professors Amar, Bhagwat, Elmendorf, Feeney, Joh, Larson, and Soucek.

Note: The above recommendations are made by the Constitutional Law Faculty and not the Law Faculty as a whole.