Counseling Center

Student Health and Counseling Services provides short-term individual counseling to students who wish to explore personal, interpersonal, vocational, or academic concerns. Some of their psychotherapy groups are designed for the specific needs of re-entry and graduate students. The center also offers psychiatric evaluations and medication management on a referral basis.

Counseling services are available at no cost to registered students. Partners may also receive service through couples counseling. Services are provided in a supportive and confidential atmosphere. Confidentiality is strictly maintained in accordance with state laws and ethical standard and applies to all services.

General information about Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) can be found at their site:

Routine Counseling Services

Students seeking routine counseling services may call the SHCS Counseling Services Appointment Desk  (530) 752-2349.

Counseling Services at King Hall

Law students may also see the psychologist in King Hall who is affiliated with Student Health and Counseling Services, but dedicated to serving law students. Contact for appointments.

Urgent Care Services at the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Urgent mental health care services are available at the Urgent Care Clinic on the first floor of the Student Health and Wellness Center during normal hours of operation. For urgent needs, you can walk into Urgent Care or call (530) 752-2349 to speak with an advice nurse. The nurse will discuss your concerns and determine if urgent care is appropriate. Urgent Care has both medical providers and psychologists available to address students’ comprehensive healthcare needs. Urgent mental health visits are typically 20-30 minutes long and focus on immediate problems that cannot wait for a regular appointment. When receiving services through Urgent Care, students are prioritized based on the severity of their problem (and may not be seen in the order in which they arrived).

Unsure About How to Address Your Concerns?

Students who are unsure how to best address their concerns should call (530) 752-2349 and ask to speak with the SHCS Advice Nurse, who can provide mental health care scheduling advice including recommendations for drop-in urgent care as needed. The SHCS Advice Nurse Line is a 24/7 service for both medical and mental health consultation.