In The Hill, Professor Elvy Urges Congress to Act to Protect Children's Privacy

In a May 22 op-ed for The Hill, Professor Stacy-Ann Elvy argues that Congress should enact a comprehensive statute to protect children’s online privacy. 

“Without congressional involvement, the patchwork of additional state laws regulating children’s privacy could proliferate,” Elvy writes. “The level of privacy protection that minors are given should not depend on what state they happen to live in.”

Stacy-Ann Elvy is a professor of law and Martin Luther King Jr. Hall Research Scholar at UC Davis School of Law. Her research focuses on “the commercial law of privacy” and its relationship to emerging technology. Professor Elvy’s forthcoming book, The Cambridge Handbook on Emerging Issues at the Intersection of Commercial Law and Technology (co-edited with Nancy Kim) (Cambridge University Press, 2024), explores several of the most recent and significant issues at the intersection of technology and commercial law. Her book A Commercial Law of Privacy and Security for the Internet of Things (Cambridge University Press, 2021) focuses on the consumer and legal implications of the Internet of Things. Several of her articles have been identified and peer reviewed by distinguished legal scholars as some of the best scholarship relating to commercial law and privacy law. Professor Elvy's scholarship has been published or is forthcoming in leading legal journals, including the Iowa Law Review, Boston University Law Review, Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Berkeley Journal of Law & Technology, University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, and the Columbia Law Review.

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