Distinguished Alumna/us Award

Click here to view and download the Distinguished Alumna/us Award nomination form.

The Award

The King Hall Distinguished Alumna/us Award is awarded by the UC Davis School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors to an alumna/us who embodies the values of the School and has demonstrated extraordinary post-graduate achievement in the legal profession or in service to society or to the School. This award is intended to recognize an alumna/us who graduated more than fifteen years ago. To nominate an alumna/us who has graduated within the past fifteen years, visit the Rising Star Alumna/us Award.


Nominees must have graduated from the UC Davis School of Law more than fifteen years ago.  Nominees must have at least one recommendation describing the nominee’s achievement or service. Nominations may be made by any member of the public (e.g. need not be affiliated with UC Davis School of Law).

Selection Criteria

Award recipients are selected on the basis of their career achievements and service to society, such as contributions to the legal profession, education, public service, professional societies, and civic or community causes that reflect the values of the School; and/or on the basis of their commitment to the School through their contributions of service or financial support to the School.


Nominations must be submitted by October 5, 2022.

Submission Details

A complete submission includes:

Nominations may be submitted by e-mail to alumni@law.ucdavis.edu or by mail to:

UC Davis School of Law
400 Mrak Hall Drive
Davis, CA 95616-5201
Attn: Casey Becker

Nomination Form

Click here to view and download the Distinguished Alumna/us Award nomination form.

Past Award Recipients

2023: Justice Kelli Evans '94

2022: Yeoryios Apallas '72

2021:  Monika Kalra Varma '00

2020: Margaret Z. Johns '76

2019: Sister Simone Campbell '77

2018: Lt. Col. Gary Solis '71

2017: Darrell Steinberg '84, City of Sacramento Mayor

2016: Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye ’84, Chief Justice of California

2003: Stephen F. Boutin '72, Windie O. Scott '77, Olivia C. Or '82, Lisa C. Ikemoto '87 and Dario F. Frommer '92

2001: Kenneth Babcock '81 and Judy Johnson '76

2000: Michael J. Duckor '70, Elisabeth A. Semel '75, the Honorable Frank J. Ochoa '75, Joel L. Diringer '80, Michael D.   Laurence '85, Chirtine O'Shea Heydinger '90 and Nancy J. Saracino '95

1998: Hank M. Marsh '73, LaVeeda Morgan Battle '78 and Dan Saxon '88

1997: The Honorable Gordon S. Baranco '72, Charity Kenyon '77 and George Miller '72

1996: D. Steven Blake '71, Angela Oh '86, the Honorable Nancy Wieben Stock '76 and Arthur Torres '71

1995: Paul Comiskey '75 and Yoshinori Himel '75

(inaugural) 1993: The Honorable Jane Restani '73 and Michael E. Taylor '69